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Invite Jason Heller to Speak at Your Next Event

Available for keynotes, emcee, or as panel moderator. Just a sample of topics include...

Marketing Transformation, Growth, Modern Marketing

Jason covers any and all topics related to the evolution and future of marketing, the practical reality of how marketing can drive accountable growth today, data-driven marketing, Agile marketing, AI in marketing, marketing technology, marketing effectiveness. Trends, best practices, and practical advice that the audience can put into action immediately.

Data, AI, Technology, Digital Transformation

Some of the most pressing challenges faced by senior executives today include the modernization of how customer data is managed and made accessible to the organization and how data science capabilities deliver accountable value to the business. Jason delvers colorful and practical insights about the evolution from the data lake to customer data platforms (CDP), and he provides hype-free views of how AI is applied in marketing and CX and what capabilities should be in-house vs external. 

Personalization At-Scale

At a time when loyalty is fleeting, personalization is a key to driving higher customer LTV while simultaneously delivering a better customer experience. Jason speaks to what it takes from a place of deep experience. His focus is not on personalization - but on personalization-at-scale. This requires a foundation of unified data, decisioning and next best action modeling, dynamic and intelligent content,  and the orchestration of experiences across channels and across the customer journey. Jason provides both a technology blueprint as well as insights into the operating models that make it both possible and profitable.

Customer Centricity

Becoming more customer centric is a key priority for many C-Suite executives today. Jason brings to life topics that range from the organizational readiness and change required in the operating model, talent and performance management, and the trade offs when making investments to deliver world class customer experiences and enterprise value.

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